Rules and Regulations

  • Rules for SCC 2018/19 - including eligibility of participants, format and requirement of submitted entries, application procedure and prizes.
  • Adjudication
  • Other regulations
    1. The entries must represent the original work of the participating teams (Acknowledgements should be stated in the footnotes or list of references if any materials from other writers are used). The same entries cannot be submitted twice. Supervising teachers may give guidance and advice for reference, but they should not participate in the actual editing or preparation work.

    2. All submitted entries will not be returned. The copyrights of the entries (of all forms) belong to the organisers, and the entries will be published in teaching kits for use by teachers and parents. The organisers reserve the right to amend the submitted entries in full or in part, and to publicise, exhibit, copy, re-disseminate, or make use of them in other purposes in any form without the consent of the participants and schools or the payment of fees of any kind.

    3. All participants, whose entries are submitted to or disseminated in any forms in the press, internet, other competitions and so on before the announcement of results, will be disqualified.

    4. The organisers will not be responsible for any loss, delay or wrong relay of the entries.

    5. The organisers have the rights to request the award winners to submit proof of their year of study and schools attended.

    6. The entries should not contain any contents of indecency, foul language, violence or obscenity.

    7. The organisers reserve the right to interpret and amend the rules and regulations of the competition without prior notice. The results of the competition are subject to the final decision of the adjudication panel. No objection from the participants may be entertained.

    8. Plagiarism and infringement of copyrights and legislation, if verified in the submitted entries, will trigger disqualification during submission and adjudication. If the above is/are found after prize presentation, the participants will be disqualified and the awarded prizes in the form of medals, certificates, book coupons, etc. will be revoked. The participating teams should bear the legal liability for their own work, which is under no circumstances the responsibility of the organisers.

    9. Upon submission of entries, the participants agree to abide by the terms and rules, release to the organisers, unconditionally, any legal liability for publishing their works submitted, and undertake all compensation to the organisers any loss caused by breaching of rules in their parts. Participants breaching the rules will be disqualified.