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Briefing seminar on Examination cum Certificate Presentation Ceremony


Briefing seminar on Examination cum Certificate Presentation Ceremony
2009 Oct 29 (Thu)
Seminar , Academic Events


"The Hong Kong Statistical Society (HKSS) examination is a recommendable avenue for obtaining qualifications at various levels of the statistical profession," said Mr. FUNG Hing-Wang, Chairman of the Examination Board of HKSS. In the HKSS Examination Seminar cum Certificate Presentation Ceremony, Mr. Fung shared with the audience the importance of acquiring qualifications of the statistical profession.

Mr. Fung said,"As Hong Kong develops into a knowledge-based society, statistics has become the essential tool for daily operation and decision making in both business and public sectors. There is increasing demand for qualified statistical professionals in all fields, including in particular finance, risk management, actuary, market research, quality management, etc. Obtaining statistical profession qualifications will greatly enhance one's competitive edge."

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Hong Kong Statistical Society first launched the statistical professional examination in 2002. Up till now, over 400 candidates have sat the examination, and 130 of them have obtained qualifications at various levels of the statistical profession. Many of them now work as statistical professionals in various fields.

In the 2009 round of the examination, the following candidates have successfully passed examinations at different levels. Their achievements are listed below (in alphabetical order of surnames):-


Awarded with Ordinary Certificate in 2009

  • HO Taine Ting Hin
  • HON Pok Man (with Credit)
  • YAN Wai Lun, Patrick


Awarded with Higher Certificate in 2009

  • HUI Wun Fung (with Credit)
  • TAM Hiu Fung (with Distinction)
  • TSE Yue Tung (with Credit)


Successfully completed selected Higher Certificate modules in 2009

  • HON Pok Man
  • KWAN Chi Kit
  • LAM Chi Hung
  • MUNG Siu Lam
  • SO Tsz Kin
  • TSANG Hiu Fai
  • TSE Herman
  • WONG Chun Fat
  • YU Sui Wai


Awarded with Graduate Diploma in 2009

  • LAM Tung Hei
  • LAW Siu Tong
  • NG Po Wah
  • NGAI Man Yeung
  • WONG Ho Ting (with Credit)
  • WONG Wing Ching


Successfully completed selected Graduate Diploma modules in 2009

  • CHEUNG Yuet Ho
  • HUNG Pui Chuen
  • LAI Kwok Leung
  • TSANG Fan Lok

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