Briefing seminar on Examination cum Certificate Presentation Ceremony


Briefing seminar on Examination cum Certificate Presentation Ceremony
2008 Oct 23 (Thu)
Seminar , Academic Events


To enable interested parties understand more about the 2009 round of the examination, one briefing seminar was conducted on 23 October 2008. More than 50 examination associates / members of the Society and students from tertiary institutions attended the seminars. Most of the participants found the seminars informative and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn the experience from successful candidates.

Opportunity was also taken to present certificates to those candidates who had successfully obtained various statistical professional qualifications. In the 2008 round of the examination, the following candidates have successfully passed examinations at different levels. Their achievements are listed below (in alphabetical order of surnames):-

Awarded Ordinary Certificates in 2008

Awarded Higher Certificates in 2008

Successfully Completed Selected Modules of HC in 2008

Awarded Graduate Diploma in 2008

Successfully passed some components of GD in 2008