About the HKSS

Last Updated: Monday, 03 December 2018

The Hong Kong Statistical Society (HKSS) was founded in 1977 with the aim of promoting the development of statistics by providing a medium for advancing knowledge and enhancing appreciation of the theory and application of statistics. It provides a forum for practising statisticians in Hong Kong to exchange research findings and opinions. It also has a keen interest in promoting the correct use and interpretation of statistics among non-professional statisticians in the community.

In August 2001, the HKSS entered into an agreement with the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), under which the examination which has for many years been held by the RSS in Hong Kong is replaced by the HKSS examination as from the May 2002 round of the examination. Since then, the HKSS has established in Hong Kong a full accreditation and examination system for the statistical profession. For more details of the HKSS examination, please visit the section on HKSS examination in this website. 

Currently, there are five categories of membership for the HKSS, viz. Full Member, Professional Member, Honorary Member, Student Member and Corporate Member.  There are at present about 300 members. For more details about how to join the various membership categories and the criteria involved, please visit the section on Membership

The Society organizes from time to time seminars and talks on topics of professional interest to its members. A Society Bulletin, issued at regular intervals, serves as a vehicle for keeping members informed of the Society activities and as a means for exchange of professional opinions among members.

To promote students' interest in statistics, a Statistical Project Competition for Secondary School Students (SPC) and a Statistics Creative-Writing Competition for Secondary School Students (SCC) are organized every year. The project also helps to encourage secondary school students to study and understand the use of statistics and statistical methods. 

For the general public, educational efforts are mounted through publications and seminars. A statistical publication "A Practical Guide to Sample Surveys" is published for use as a handy reference for researchers. Seminars on sample surveys, business and industrial statistics have also been conducted. 

A Professional Services Sub-committee has been formed to provide statistical consultancy service to the public on projects of wide community interest. The Sub-committee also keeps an eye on the proper use of statistics and statistical methods publicized in the mass media. Where considered appropriate, the Sub-committee will issue statements on any such statistical analysis which display serious abuse of statistics.