Event for SCC 2018/19 Date
Briefing seminar 27 October 2018 (Saturday)
Deadline of school nomination 9 January 2019 (Wednesday)
Deadline for submission 20 March 2019 (Wednesday)
Announcement of the shortlisted entries 3 May 2019 (Friday)
Interviews for shortlisted participants 18 May 2019 (Saturday)
Prize presentation ceremony 22 June 2019 (Saturday)


2018/19 Announcement of shortlisted entries for senior section

  1. The list of shortlisted entries for senior section can be downloaded here. Participants of the shortlisted entries for senior section will also be informed via their schools.
  2. Participants of shortlisted entries for senior section will be invited to attend an interview held on 18 May 2019 (Saturday) and make a presentation of their entries. After the assessment by the adjudicators, the champion, the runner-ups, the distinguished participants, the winner of Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, the University of Hong Kong Prize for the Best Thematic Writing and the winner of the PolyU Hong Kong Community College Prize for the Best Article Presentation will be chosen.
  3. All shortlisted participants of senior section must attend the interview. Shortlisted participants of senior section who fail to attend the interview would be disqualified.


2018/19 Briefing Seminar on 27 October 2018 (Saturday)


2017/18 Prize Presentation Ceremony on 23 June 2018