2018-19 SCC


2018/19 Statistics Creative-Writing Competition for Secondary School Students

This competition is co-organised by the Hong Kong Statistical Society and the Education Bureau.

The key objectives of the competition are:

  1. to raise the interest of students in statistics and its application; and
  2. to encourage students to creatively express in words the daily application of statistical concepts or put statistical concepts into a story in a scientific and objective manner.



2018/19 Announcement of shortlisted entries for senior section

  • The list of shortlisted entries for senior section can be downloaded here.
  • Participants of shortlisted entries for senior section will be invited to attend an interview held on 18 May 2019 (Saturday).
  • All shortlisted participants of senior section must attend the interview. Shortlisted participants of senior section who fail to attend the interview would be disqualified.


2018/19 Briefing Seminar on 27 October 2018 (Saturday)


2017/18 Prize Presentation Ceremony on 23 June 2018